In All over Turkey

GNC Technical Service Network providing uninterrupted maintenance, repair, installation, training, calibration testing, spare parts, and warranty services with state-of-the-art equipment in all over Turkey has the necessary quick responding, complete, and reliable infrastructure to give uninterrupted manufacturing support to the customers and help them make profit and save time.

Installation and Training Services

Our installation, and training support aiming to train all operators to use our products efficiently is offered by our team of specialists who have competence in briefing, and labor health and safety related to product handling schemes, connection and technical installation preparation. These briefing and training processes are customized to users’ experience, knowledge, and special needs. Equipment installation, and initial training courses are offered free of charge.

Calibration Testing

Calibration tests conducted using cutting-edge technology equipment to provide the best quality service, and product warranty.

Online Spar Parts Sales

Our online store at offering the best prices and direct delivery, has all the necessary original spare parts in its stocks to provide a seamless operation, and delivers them under GNC warranty. The GNC Technical Service team replaces any broken part with a new one carefully and safely, and leaves the broken part at the customer’s premises. All replacement services are recorded in a Virtual Product Servicing Book.

Maintenance and Repair

The GNC Technical Service team responds all recorded calls in a timely manner, and provides accurate and quick solutions 7/24 for manufacturing industry. All technical service operations are saved in GNC Maintenance and Repair record, and a Virtual Product Servicing Book is created for each product. The GNC Technical Service team built of certified technicians, who successfully completed professional competency training programs of the Machine Tool Mechanical Service Department and passed the tests thereof, provide delivery, installation, training, maintenance and repair services, and plans all servicing operations in accordance with the urgency and priority principles.

Periodic Servicing

The service agreements we enter into with our customers are rolling agreements, and the service is provided by the special team assigned to your machine, until the agreement is terminated. Service can be provided at the customer’s convenience. Therefore, there will be no downtime. The CNC machines included in such servicing agreements, potential breakdowns can be detected in advance and prevented during servicing, and therefore your manufacturing processes are not interrupted, and repair costs are minimized.