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Vision Wide MHN CNC Machining Station

Vision Wide MHN CNC Köprü Tipi İşleme Merkezi

– With Vision Wide tradition in making high rigidity machine structure, MHN series not only plays a high precision indicator in 5-face machining centers but also provides a full range of high efficiency cutting performance through its rigidity structure design and excellent geometric accuracy.
– More than 1,1m height of rigidity stepped beam structure efficiency enhances guide way span and provides Y-axis straightness and rigidity needed for heavy cutting.
– Y-axis with 65mm ultra-load guide way not only enhances more than 40% rigidity on higher cutting load but also extends longer lifetime.
– Full stroke supported design, thick and extra-wide design size of bed structure with highly rigid structure, increases table load capacity and workpiece movement dynamic level, reaches the cutting stability and enhances anti-vibration.
– One-piece casting column structure with thick column section size, effectively link the rigidity of beam and base, enhancing YZ-axis machining rigidity.
– XY-axis precision supporter mechanism prevent ball screw sag, enhance higher positioning accuracy, and ensure ball screw lifetime (X-axis travel>4m, Y-axis travel>3m)
– Minimum distance between spindle center and Z-axis roller way not only shortens cutting lever arm but also significantly improves cutting rigidity.