Hemen Ara

Vision Wide MB CNC Machining Station

Vision Wide MB CNC Köprü Tipi İşleme Merkezi

– MB series machines, with typical VW products features of rigid structure and high precision, are designed with box ways with hand scrapping, cutting vibration adapting, and precise power transmission to get the efficient, rigid and accurate cutting.
– Wide base with solid columns and beam, providing the best structure stiffness to ensure the best geometric accuracy of 3-axis travel.
– Full casting components with square guideways coated with precision scrapping to ensure the best stiffness and low friction. (MB/MF)
– One piece casting for gear head transmission and headstock. Z-axis is at the symmetrical position of spindle motor, offering accuracy and precision with micro smooth movement. (MS/MB/MF/MN/MH)
– Using Japan made JIS0 gears for gear head to get the advantages of high rigidity, high precision, and low noise.
– Twin Hydraulic cylinders plus pressured nitrogen accumulator balancing design provides smooth & accurate feeding performance. Cylinders are self-alignment, balancing force is set optimally by adjustable pressure valve. (MS/MB/MF/MH)
– square guideway : Direct lubrication offering to the gibs on 3 axes box ways ensures 100% lubrication certainness. (MB/MF)
– Hanged & swivel able operation panel & Multi layers front door offer a friendly and safe operation interface. (MS/MB/MF/MN/MH)
– Tool Magazine, side mounted on column, makes the machine with compact design. Cam type ATC has the tool-to-tool changing in 3 sec. Random setting and Large Tool Management help to get the best operation efficiency. (MB/MF/MS/MN/MH)