Milling Training (Levels 1, 2, 3)

CNC processing center operator training offered by GNC’s instructors is intended to improve your skills, and to restructure your manufacturing processes.

a-) Level 1: this training intended to introduce the CNC manufacturing procedure to primary CNC operators to improve their machining and tooling skills and CNC techniques includes the following courses;

– Introduction to CNC and its distinctive specifications,
– Introduction to the control unit,
– Basic G- and M-code programming,
– Basic machine training that includes writing programs, and using the copy and delete functions etc.,
– How to adapt and introduce cutting tools to the machine,
– How to use workpiece coordinate offsets,
– Daily and weekly maintenance to be performed by operators.

b-) Level 2: this training intended to level up and further sharpen the skills of the operators who completed the Level 1 or know how to write CNC programs includes the following courses;

– Conducting tests to identify and eliminate imperfections,
– Advanced G- and M-code programming,
– Remote program transfer techniques,
– Advanced cutting tool applications,
– Advanced workpiece reset applications.

c-) Level 3: this training intended to level up users experienced in programming and operating, and sharpen their software and operation skills and knowhow includes the following courses;

– Package programming systems,
– Macro programming,
– Machining and processing conditions,
– Machine parameters course,
– Machine Ladder (software) course,
– Fault detection methods.