Daily / Weekly Inspections

Periodic servicing will definitely prolong the service life of CNC machines, reduces the potential costs. There are daily and weekly maintenance checklists to be carried out by operators.
The CNC Machining Center checklist to be carried out before the machine is turned on;

– Make sure if there are not any external objects that may damage the machine during operation,
– Make sure if the moving parts, tables, and carriers are not faulty,
– Remember to add protective oil to prevent oxidation in the spindle cone, and to wipe out the added oil before each operation,
– Make sure if the Pull Stud is fully tightened,
– Check the level of the router lubricator tank, and take the necessary action,
– Check the spindle cooler, and clean the air filter if necessary,
– Check the air pressure, and adjust it when necessary (6kg/sq.cm),
– Check the level of the fluid in the hydraulic unit of the machine.

After a Day Shift:
1. Clean the protective covers of the axis, and make sure they are not damaged or stepped on,
– Remove any swarf and debris accumulated in the machine everyday,
– Make sure if there are no tools left in the spindle before turning off the machine,
– Run the machine idle in full length to lubricate the axis when the shift is over,
– Listen the sound of the axis and the spindle to make sure if everything is in order,
– Check the air pressure,
– Check the spindle cooler, and the axis router lubricant,
– Clean the slide rails ,
– Clean the air filter of the lubricant cooler,
– Do not leave any swarf or debris in the conveyor.