Hemen Ara

Workers’ Day: World CNC Operators Day

What is the Lack of Intermediate Personnel in the Turkish Industry?

According to the report of İŞKUR, there are approximately 330 thousand vacant jobs in Turkey. The most important reason for this is the lack of professional skills and experience. The biggest need for personnel is in the manufacturing industry.

In the jobs that are most needed in the labor market, approximately 35 thousand people are machine operators, 19 thousand service personnel and 15 thousand sales consultants. In the professions that employers expect to come to the fore in the next 10 years, the impact of developments in the Industry 4.0 is quite high. However, the value of CNC Operators and Robotic Systems is increasing.

In recent years, the rules of production and the way they follow are being rewritten. Today, the basis of production is shaped on the motto of the equation of "quality in product, productivity in production". The production and production tracking methods of the new era are gathered around automation and robotic processes. In particular, the use of robots in the production area becomes indispensable for saving labor and maintaining production standards. It is especially important in terms of today's competitive conditions not to bypass production efficiency while trying to achieve the quality. Finding and training qualified personnel who can use Robotic Systems is exceedingly difficult for manufacturing companies.

CNC machines and robot systems, which are in the heart of the manufacturing industry, have become more and more used in numerous areas. CNC operators using these machines cannot be reached by anyone, and the number of CNC operators continues to decrease gradually as Generation Z enters the working life. The lack of technical knowledge given in vocational high schools and the working environment of CNC operators cause young people to work in other jobs or to be unemployed. On the other hand, GNC Makina draws attention to the fact that operators are qualified blue collars and that they are not "Intermediate personnel" but "sought-after personnel" because these people give life to those vital parts that make an airplane take off and a car run, with their bare hands.

Intermediate personnel are the general name for skills-oriented career rather than diploma. For this reason, the qualified workforce that Turkey suffers from its lack, the industry is craving for and we have not been able to train adequately, these people are no longer an intermediate staff, but are sought after.

What is 24 May World CNC Operators Day?

A special day was devoted to CNC operators, who shown great effort in every aspect of our lives and continue to add value to many industries from automotive to aviation, from health to construction, and May 24 was presented to the secret heroes behind the machines. GNC Makina, which has set a special day to honor the operators who contribute to the development of the production industry with their efforts, declared the day of its establishment as the World CNC Operators Day.