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What Is This Periodic Maintenance

What Is This Periodic Maintenance

Maintenance works that is carried out at predetermined time intervals, which are repeated continuously and on a schedule is Periodic Maintenance. When we consider it industrial aspect, the intervals can be 6 months or annual. Depending on the needs of your machines, there may be 1 day of maintenance in 6 months or periodic maintenance 1 day a year.

Is Periodic Maintenance Required in CNC Machine Tools?

Periodic maintenance in CNC machine tools is an issue that has not yet found its place and importance in our industry. Unfortunately, CNC distributor companies and CNC users did not pay enough attention to this issue, which directly affects production costs, on the contrary, distributor companies adopted this critical issue only as a revenue model and tried to apply it when their sales potential decreased.

When we evaluate it in general manner, we know that the CNC machine tool is a machine consisting of mechanical and electronic units that work within certain rules, just like an automobile or white goods. Moreover, if we consider that a CNC machine tool needs to work continuously and generates income by producing it as long as it works, of course we should know that it will need regular and periodic maintenance to maintain its productivity for a long time.

What Advantages Can I Get with Periodic Maintenance on My CNC Machine Tool?

By having periodic maintenance on your CNC Machine Tool, many problems can be avoided in advance and thus, you are protected from unplanned and unaccounted costs. In addition;

  • In CNC machine tools, where periodic maintenance is applied, possible failures that may be encountered in the near future will be predicted and eliminated during maintenance, so your company's production will not be interrupted and maintenance costs that are more than maintenance costs are prevented. In addition, maintenance costs are planned in advance and the actual operating costs of your machine can be calculated.
  • For spare parts recommended to be changed during periodic maintenance, manufacturer-approved original spare parts are used, not spare parts that are economical at first glance but can cause unexpected costs in a short time. In this way, the maintenance service is guaranteed.
  • Thanks to periodic maintenance, your machine's operation efficiency and performance will always be as good as on the first day. Unexpected failure costs are prevented, your total costs are reduced and your productivity increases.
  • Thanks to the high-tech measurement and control devices used in periodic maintenance, your machine continues to operate in the first day's factory settings. In addition, since the source of possible problems will be determined precisely, the problems are solved in a short time with the interventions made.
  • Regular and recorded maintenance makes your machine valuable. During the period of change or replacement, the secondhand sales value of your machine will be much higher than its peers. Therefore, when you dispose of your machine, you will make a profit, not suffer a loss.

What should be the periodic maintenance time interval for my CNC machine tool?

With the support of an expert staff, an evaluation should be made with several parameters such as the model of your CNC machine tool, working density, and the type of material it processes, and the periodic maintenance time interval that should be determined according to the result of this evaluation. It should be kept in mind that periodic maintenance that is not done within the required time frame will not serve its real purpose.