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What is Secondhand CNC Investment

What is Secondhand CNC Investment

Unfortunately, investment costs of CNC Machine Tools, which are the backbones of production is quite high in our country. For this reason, as a requirement of economic conditions, the second-hand CNC market is in demand in our country as well as all over the world. However, it is really a big question mark how accurately the companies that want to invest in second-hand CNC make accurate measurement and evaluation. It would be more appropriate to appraise this issue under two main headings.

Secondhand CNC Investments Made with Supply from Abroad

It seems quite easy to find and buy second-hand CNC found in different industrial countries of the world in today's conditions. But when we get into this issue carefully, we face many critical issues. One of them is the legislation, that our country applies for second hand CNCs from abroad.


Unfortunately, most of the second-hand CNC imports that are made or intended to be made are done in a wrong and illegal way, far beyond the legislation requirements that should be observed. Companies that make investments in contrary the legislation in its current form, and therefore the law, are monitored at certain periods and are subject to serious sanctions by the relevant institutions.

In addition, one of the biggest mistakes made is that second-hand CNCs, which are planned to be invested by purchasing from any country abroad, are evaluated only for their prices. However, whether the machine is working or not, the deficiencies, if any, must be determined by experts, and the necessary costs to eliminate these deficiencies must also be taken into account. Briefly, the most important issue that should not be forgotten is the existence of our expectation of creating an added value for our company and therefore our country with the secondhand CNC that we have bought for the price we pay abroad.

Therefore, in the secondhand CNC investments that are desired to be made from foreign sources in this way, the domestic authorized sales and service representatives of that brand should be consulted, and the necessary expertise support should be requested. In addition, support should be requested from a relevant customs consultancy firm in order to determine the conformity to import, and then a legal problem and being subject to sanctions should be prevented.

Secondhand CNC Investments Made with Domestic Supply

Secondhand CNC investments made in our country are relatively safer than second hand CNC investments made from abroad. At least, you can always access the seller company, and find a corporate responder for support, questions, or problems after the sales. Furthermore, the fact that a large portion of domestic second-hand CNCs having been imported by the Turkey’s resident distribution companies is also a significant advantage. In this way, we have the opportunity to easily provide service support and spare parts. However, in addition to these advantages, likewise in second hand CNCs imported from abroad, CNCs to be provided domestically should not be evaluated only for their prices, whether the machine is operational condition, or whether it has deficiencies, if any, should be find out by the expert persons, and costs that may be required for elimination of these deficiencies must be taken into account. It is very important that the price paid in second-hand CNC investments made with domestic supply remain within the economy of our country.

So, should we buy a secondhand CNC?

Of course, secondhand CNC investment can be made from home or abroad. Moreover, investments made by considering the costs resulting from a correct measurement and evaluation can be economically beneficial and profitable.

Of course, regardless of the conditions and circumstances, second-hand CNC investment always involves unpredictable risks. This issue should always be kept in mind by the company planning to make the investment, the benefit / cost analysis should be done well, and the production planning for a second-hand CNC should never be thought like a new CNC.