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What Is A Cnc Machine Tool, How Does It Work?

What Is A Cnc Machine Tool, How Does It Work?

Turning machine Tools, which are considered indispensable for the manufacturing industry, have been in existence since the 19th century. CNC Machine Tools are much more complex and automated in today's developing technology. You can find everything you want to learn about CNC Machine Tools, which are widely used all over the world and meet the needs of manufacturers, in this content.

What is CNC Machine Tool?

First of all, let's look for the answer to the question "What is a CNC Machine Tool?" CNC machine Tools work with Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) systems and are managed with precise design instructions. These machine tools are machine tools where the material or workpiece is fixed and rotated by the main spindle, and the cutting tool working on the material is mounted and moved. CNC Machine Tools are widely used because they are fast, accurate and the most advanced machine tool type.

How Does a CNC Machine Tool Work?

A simple CNC Machine Tool runs on 2 axes and stands in a fixed position in an 8 to 24 station turret. The rotational motion of the part is called "turning", therefore CNC MACHİNE Tool types with this feature are called CNC Turning Machines.

The milling (cutting tool moves around the workpiece), drilling and tapping (a tool that cuts the threads inside the hole) tools are normally operated by a separate drive system inside the turret. Depending on the application, the active tool is mounted for axial or radial running directions. These features can be found on 3-axis CNC Machine Tools or CNC Machine Tools.

CNC Lathes with additional options such as Y-axis, sub spindles, or options designated for automation are often referred to as Turning Centers. These sophisticated machine tools are capable of machining complex parts. These machines go beyond standard turning operations and include milling, drilling and tapping to complete the part in a single setup. Machining and finishing the raw part significantly increase machine tool productivity.

What Can Be Done With CNC Machine Tool?

A CNC machine tool is used to produce precise round shapes with both Outer Diameter (OD) and Inner Diameter (ID). Practically all kinds of parts can be machined with CNC Machine Tools for the needs of different industries.

CNC Machine Tools are widely used in industries such as oil and gas, automotive, aerospace, medical, electronics, mining, power plant, steel and paper mills, shipbuilding, and construction machinery. In this respect, CNC Machine Tools appear in all areas of life.

Modern CNC Machine Tools can work with multi-axis. For example, these machine tools can have both the X and Y axis at the same time. They can be integrated with a second turret with different tools in their system or they can include a sub / second spindle. These features help to be more efficient and flexible for different milling, drilling, and tapping operations.

What is the Price of CNC Machine Tool?

The price of CNC Machine Tools varies according to the work to be done. However, the following parameters need to be considered to find the total cost of purchasing a CNC Machine Tool.

Country of origin: The manufacturer and the country where CNC Machine Tools are produced have a significant effect on prices.
 - Production process: It will be useful to question whether the manufacturer has an R&D investment, what is the quality of the raw materials, is it an integrated casting machine?
- Size of CNC Machine Tool: It is very important that you know the space you will allocate for the machine tool in your workplace.
- Design
- Technical Specifications
- Transportation

What Should Be Considered When Buying a CNC Machine Tool?

- First of all, determine the product / project you will produce.

 - If you are ready to invest thousands of dollars, knowing the product you will produce will add value to your investment.

 - How much precision will you need  to make the parts you want?

 - Is it important to you that you can complete jobs quickly?

 - More precise and a low cost machine but is a slower model suitable for you?

- If the part you intend to produce satisfy all your questions, you are on the right track. Understand the exact cost of the machine tool you are going to buy. Those who will buy a machine tool for the first time usually prefer the secondhand CNC Lathe, and the important thing here is to consider the spare parts prices.

- Examine the culture of the institution where you will buy the machine tool. Brands with a healthy level of competition must create their own niche in order to survive. Each will have its own reputation in the community. Make sure that you can program your machine tool. Perhaps the most common mistake, especially among experienced machinists who switch to CNC for the first time, is buying a machine that is very difficult to use. For this reason, when you decide to buy a machine tool, the first thing you will bring to mind must be the question of “Do I know a program that will run this machine? *-*.

Finally, ask the sales specialist you will make the purchase of any issue that comes to your mind about the CNC Machine Tool.