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The Problem of Qualified Intermediate Staff and Skilled Workforce in Our Sector

The Problem of Qualified Intermediate Staff and Skilled Workforce in Our Sector

As in many of the sectors that need qualified personnel, one of the common problems faced by companies such as ours, which provide machinery for the machining industry, and most important one is the lack of trained workforce. If we cannot provide a solution to this problem as a whole country, we may lose our commercial, political, and military competitiveness among countries in the future. Because I am one of those who say "either you exist or not" in the future, I do not believe that there will be a gap between it.

Of course, I believe, and support education will solve this problem. I am a graduate of Industrial Vocational High School Lathe department and at the same time I had the chance to see the source of the subject as I was a technical teacher.  Although I know that there are institutions that can provide good education in these fields in our country, I would like to emphasize their inadequacy in number. The solution is education, because the educated and equipped with knowledge person cannot remain insensitive, the knowing person is not afraid, the knowing person cannot be comfortable without applying what they know, the knowing person is the person who reduces the problems and issues while increasing productivity, the person who can make a difference.

There may be many things that everyone wants to say about the regulatory activities of the public and private sector for education. However, there are some truths that grab my attention and which I believe from my heart. I’d like to explain the subject as follows;

Take physicians, for example. It is a profession that is very critical for human life, does not accept mistakes, and is irreversible. Therefore, their education was combined with practice and they experienced many subjects before graduation. While studying in one building in Training and Research Hospitals, an education model of working and gaining experience on real patients is applied in the other. This enables them to work as a qualified physician after graduation. What would it be like if the same education model was valid for other professions? Or is our approach to education by country the reason for failure if we ask otherwise?

Of course, there is no single reason for success. Issues such as social status, psychological and professional satisfaction, and income level are important sources of motivation for success. But above all, success is related to the quality of education. Some of the main reasons for an individual to choose a medical profession;

  • Being a doctor is accepted as a privilege by status and is a highly respected profession,
  • Being physician is encouraged and they have a place in everyone's life,
  • It is satisfactory in terms of revenue,
  • It is still preferable, although its difficulties are higher than most heavy jobs.


What is done to ensure success in the profession;

  • We all know that all universities with medical faculties also have hospitals and the person can find the opportunity to apply the same that he learned in theory
  • In order to finish the program related to the profession, it is necessary to have real competence, otherwise it may cause vital consequences, it is not a joke,
  • They follow innovation seriously and use the latest technology devices and methods.


We cannot find the items listed above in most of the professions we fail. Why do we not apply the results to other professions by taking the results as an example when there is a successful method? I think this is the method that should be considered and applied.

Education is not an issue that any private sector can handle alone. Therefore, the public should revise the current education system very quickly and provide the opportunity to practice for each branch as in the medical faculties (should not be confused with internship). Public spots should be prepared, and incentives should be offered to encourage some professions that are not found attractive. Incentives and support should also be provided to institutions that specially train personnel.

However, if we need to explain the situation of vocational high schools in one word; ''Pathetic". With the exception of some successful schools, I have to say with sadness that we see many young people who have studied at a school for so many years and graduated without any professional qualifications, and unfortunately, these young people start looking for jobs in businesses that need unskilled personnel because they cannot trust themselves professionally. We are experiencing this situation, which is a huge loss of workforce both for them and the country, with each passing year.


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