Hemen Ara

Maintenance Works That You Can Do Yourself

Maintenance Works That You Can Do Yourself

Annual periodic maintenance in CNC machines unquestionably extends the life of the machine and prevents the costs that may incur. In addition, there are controls and maintenance works that should be done daily and weekly by the operator. For CNC Machining Centers, these are basically as follows;

Before Starting:

  • Check the outside of the machine, there should not be anything that may cause damage during the operation of the machine,
  • Check whether there is any problem in the moving part, work table, trolleys,
  • Add anti-oxidation protective oil against the risk of oxidation in the spindle cone and wipe off the added oil before the next operation,
  • Check whether the Pull Stud is fully tightened,
  • Check the guide oil level in the oil measuring chamber and add if necessary,
  • Check the spindle cooler and clean the air filter if necessary,
  • Check the air pressure and adjust if necessary (6kg/sq.cm),
  • If your machine equipped with a hydraulic unit, check the oil level.



After Daily Operation:

  1. Clean the protective covers of the axes, check that these covers are not deformed and damaged.
  • Clean the chips inside the machine every day,
  • Do not leave any tools in the spindle before closing the machine,
  • After the machine’s operation is finished, ensure that the axes are lubricated by running them full length in idle mode.
  • Pay attention to the axis and spindle sound, check whether there is an abnormal situation,
  • Check the air pressure,
  • Check the spindle cooler and axis guide oils,
  • Clean the front door rails,
  • Clean the oil cooler air filter,
  • Clean the residual chips on the conveyor.